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Friday, February 17, 2012

The world through my I's

I've recently found out that I'm lost. I've figured I can't think. And now it's obvious that nothing is clear to me.

I'm a second-year university student, (Nomenclature may vary depending on where the reader is. HI to the reader, by the way!) and I still haven't made a clear notion of what my path will be like. I've never been a bad student. It's just that I'm distracted and depressed. Socializing is my main problem, though.

 I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a coward. Although I don't interpret it as fear, I find it very difficult to socialize, make new friends, or even talk to people. Not really difficult, no. More like pointless. Negative thoughts--basically that nobody will ever like me; that I don't deserve attention--flood me all the time.
And that forces me to avoid people--potential friends, and current friends as well--which in turn gives people the impression that I don't care. That I'm weird and unbefriendable.

Look at me, rambling about myself in the most repulsive manner. Only proving that I'm an intolerable weirdo.