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Friday, May 4, 2012

Sick of y'all

WARNING: I was mentally and emotionally exhausted when I wrote this. It may seem (and be, for that matter) incoherent.

I have not "blogged" for a while.
Why I am writing now has nothing to do with that, however. I am sat here now because I'm sick. Sick of people. Sick of the way they make their decisions, and, most of all, of the way they choose their words.

Let's face it. Most of us don't choose their words. Now, I'm not talking about grammar or the richness of one's vocabulary. That's another story. The point I'm trying to raise is that some people talk without thinking.
Most of us readily utter the stupidest 'excuse' ever: "I was angry!" This sentence drives me insanely angry.

If you can't handle your anger, just don't talk to people!

Try listening to any argument in which you are not involved. (Because if you are (involved), chances are you won't be able to think clearly, if at all.) Almost all of the arguments I've heard only include this theme or one of its variations: "I'm right. You're wrong." Nobody ever tries to say anything that supports their argument, and the other part, in turn, only negate the first person's argument. One of my debating principles to which I adhere strictly is this: Simply negating an argument won't refute it. Simply saying someone is wrong doesn't prove them to be.

OK, I can't go on for longer; as I'm too angry.