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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My to-don't list

I shall never...

1. Compile a to-do list.
2. Write poems.
3. Date.
4. Let anyone take photographs of me.
5. Engage in any activity--friendly or otherwise--with members of the iPhone crowd.
6. Be ashamed of my religion and faith.
7. Be ashamed of my own opinions.
8. Claim to know that of which I'm ignorant.
9. Interrupt people or in any way be a bad listener.
10. Engage in an argument with anyone that won't listen/understand.
11. Ask rhetorical questions.
12. Doubt myself simply because everybody else around disagrees.
13. Let my emotions control me--most importantly, not be able to contain my anger.
14. Dance, clap, or sing.
15. Judge people by their looks.
16. Idolize political figures, inanimate objects, and money.
17. Give in to OCD or depression again.
18. Care what people think.
19. Not consider people's point of view, especially in disputes.
20. Make a clown/fool of myself.
21. Try to control anyone's life in any way.
22. Pretend to like babies.
23. Stop learning languages.
24. Act condescendingly.
25. Smoke.

In no particular order.
And I know it's very contradictory and inconsistent!