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Thursday, August 2, 2012


I haven't done this for quite a long time, but it was custom for me to blog in the early hours of the morning that are the late hours of the night. I have absolutely nothing on mind so I'll just tell you--whoever you are--what's up.
I've finished my second year in university. Again. (I'll share details later.)
For eight, nay nine, days I've been in a vacation that is to last for more than a month and a half. Nothing to do. No plans, no ambitions. I just have to refresh some of the knowledge that I've come to acquire in the course of the past few years. Just to practise some of the useless skills I have. Skills as useless as a wedding gift, to use a useless simile.
Maybe also read a few books. Novels, plays, short stories. Nothing of real value really. But again that's what my life has come to recently. Emptiness.