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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello! (Can I call you 'Hello'?)

I wonder sometimes why anyone would read this stuff; but I was just reading some of my previous posts and I noticed that I have some potential.
I'd like to become a writer some day. A real writer. And blogging has enabled me to hone my writing skills and self-esteem.  Either that or I'm growing increasingly indifferent. I don't care which one it is.
Writing so publicly is, to me, like giving multiple raving speeches. I like it!
So thanks for reading my rants!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

You like cupcakes?

I'm a cupcake!
And like any other cupcake, I'm only nice at the top.
Without my top, I'm worthless; dry and undesirable.
And like any other cupcake, I couldn't exist without the stem that carries my top.

You might not like the mold I was made in and with; but I'm not the mold.
It's shaped like a cup; my shape can change.
You throw it in the garbage; you embrace me.

Forget where I come from; focus on who I am!
Forget the icing; it doesn't define me.
I'm the batter; an imperfect, special batter.
I didn't choose the ingredients; the way I was mixed was not my design; the way I was baked I could not control.
All you should know is that making me was painful!

You don't like the way I taste? Others do!
Or maybe they don't; I shall never know.
All I know is...

I'm a cupcake; and, until you digest me, don't judge me!