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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A video that is a poem

Here's a video I found (and liked) a while back. It's about 'speaking with conviction.'
It's a poem by Taylor Mali.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who's up for a challenge?

Scramble With Friends.

This is one of my favourite games right now. On a four-by-four grid (16 letters) you should find as many words as possible.
I've been playing for a little more than a year now and I guess I'm getting really good at it. I love word games!

The game is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), and Android. Look it up and challenge me!

Here is my user name:

This is why I shouldn't write fiction!

Marie has always hated being photographed. That's why she created an acrobatic martial art to prevent people from taking her photos and destroy the evil machines with which they are taken.

When her paparazza of a sister goes missing on a rainy Saturday, it's up to Marie to find her before it's too late; she doesn't want to miss SNL! She has to get into the corrupt world of photographers she's always hated by posing as one in order to save the only family she's got.

Blinded by rage, deafened by the noise from a construction site nearby; Marie will kill anyone who stands in her way; including her own hair stylist, who turns out to be a little more than your average Harvard dropout.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Forget about it!

Is there a way to induce amnesia?
Sometimes--like the nonce--I wish I could just forget everything that has ever happened to me.
Ever felt like that?
You might think--"Well, I wouldn't risk losing my good memories for a few bad ones!"
I never think that! Sometimes I can't recall a single good memory in the entirety of my life. I am one hundred percent willing to lose all my 'good' memories just to forget lots of bad ones! And I am not being a spoiled being that can't take some beating; I'm just sick and tired.

Memories cause pain, and that's that.

It's just that I've put so much time and effort into gaining some knowledge that I can't afford to lose, upon some of which my life (career, actually) depends.

I am so confused right now.