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Friday, September 20, 2013


You might have heard about a website called Many people are on it, and now I am. If you feel like asking me anything, feel free to do just that.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To Tie a Thai tie

As a fourth-year dental student, I am required to dress up formally. As first actual contact with patients in dental clinics takes place during this year (and the next), a sudden change of attitude and habit is required of us.

Now, I'm not against sartorial formality, but I surely do mind it! It is, to me, the most ridiculous deed to deliberately tie a strip of cloth around one's own neck. To me, a necktie is not very unlike a noose, or a leash. It's suffocating and it's ugly!

I can understand that some people might find a necktie appealing. People have different tastes, after all. But this particular piece of clothing doesn't serve any particular purpose. Scarves are also wound around the neck, but they protect the face/neck from the cold. A necktie does nothing! It actually makes any activity you are performing much more tiring. Especially, if you need to do a lot of handwork (as is the case with dentists).

What I also find very annoying is that there are many ways to 'tie a tie'; Small, Four-in-hand, Kelvin, etc...
I can't think why, really! All these names sound like kinds of cuisine. There are French knots and British knots. So, I think East-Asian knots is not a far-fetched idea.

 If someone at some point in time decided to embarrass themselves in creative ways, why should we do the same?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sesame Street

In a book I'm reading, there was mention of the kids' TV show Sesame Street. How it was a great endeavor to obliterate illiteracy. How it succeeded in turning television into an educational medium. I think that's awesome!

I don't really recall much about the show. Of course, what I've seen is the Arabic version, Iftah Ya Simsem (literally translates into "Open Sesame"), and all I can remember is some characters' names and voices. I also seem to remember sketches of the Hebrew version of the show that I used to watch sometimes; I learned how to count to ten in Hebrew (even as a kid, I liked learning languages), but nothing more.

It is indeed a great effort. I am as much interested in teaching as I am in learning. And I'm not just talking about academic teaching; I look to spreading ideas as a way of teaching. A way of teaching that I have yet to learn. As cliché as it might sound, I really want to (help) spread positive and constructive ideas within my community. And I will.

Manners and morals are much more difficult to teach than reading and writing. We are, I regret to say, an illiterate people in that respect. We seem to reject all efforts of improvement. Improvers are looked at with derision. You-can't-change-the-whole-community-at-once kind of derision.
This kind of negativity is killing me.

I need to come up with a Sesame Street of my own!