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Monday, October 7, 2013


I've always liked to keep things the way they are. Unless, of course, I didn't like the way things are. I don't like change; it doesn't work for me. Unfortunately, though, I'm at a point in time where I have to change everything; my home, my lifestyle, my activities. I'm moving into Irbed! (A city in the north of Jordan, the country in which I live.) Just so I can be closer to where my university and its dental training center are.

I'm about to move into my new 'home' with two friends. And I'm not ready yet. Not in the slightest! I've moved almost all of my stuff into my new room, but I'm still at my real home, too scared to move the most important item of all: me.

This change is causing me real trouble. I can't think well, I can't study, and, most importantly, I'm becoming very irritable. I'm very negative, and that makes me act in a way that seems rude to others. I don't like that characteristic in people (fluctuation) and it's even more annoying when I myself am doing it. I hope people can understand and forgive me.

I'm not myself these days, so please excuse my disorganized writing.
Excuse me very much!