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Sunday, July 2, 2017


I'm almost sure I had something in mind when I decided to start writing...

My memory isn't failing, mind you--au contraire. I might be regaining my long-lost focus these days, contrary to what I was beginning to believe; viz. that I was aging. I am; but that's not a problem.

I mean there are problems here (more hair in my ears is one), but I haven't faced any insurmountable problems so far. Maybe that's what I should write about: how everything is OK. Also that I'm changing somewhat.

Good changes include that I know now that happiness depends on you. Even though you might feel lonely--ain't nothin' wrong with that!--simply having someone will not make you happy. Therefore, if the problem is within you (which is obviously the case), so shall the solution lie within you. (Shut up, man!)

One of the problems I don't have is that although there haven't been any stimuli to anger me, I find myself thinking just the right thoughts to infuriate me. I don't know like what... Our abused rights, for one.

Anyway, since I haven't done this in months, my writing is atrocious. I'd like to stop now.

Edit: Now that I've checked my earlier posts, I haven't written anything here for upwards of a year. Whew!

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